- -  'les petits dessins de Suzy' - -


“At a certain moment I didn’t have my camera to remember the craziest moments of a bad-weather-mountain-excursion. That’s when I started my little Suzy-Smile-drawings which soon became a kind of new obsession. Since then I’ve been composing more than  200 Cartoon stories. Do you think I’m finished? Never ever….!”


‘SUZY SMILE’ talks about her kitchen, about birthdays and Christmas-trees, about the garden and noisy machines, art-exhibitions and car-problems, about glasses or contacts, about not so funny health problems. With her little smile she talks about the tiny hassles of life. She publishes her cartoon booklets, as well as short children’s stories in her personal “Inner.Smile.Edition”. 

She also illustrated  psychological articles in a Swiss wellness-magazine. Her cartoons have been exhibited at different occasions. So far, she considers her ‘anti-depression-series’  as her most important contribution, since used in The Netherlands as part of prevention and treatment of mental depression.


The message of her more serious topics is always remember the sun, hidden behind the clouds!  J