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In about 1990 I stopped weaving = working with sisal-yarn + copper wire. I started a new textile & ’mixed’ technique of my own, realized on a paper or wooden background. I continued to work with copper wire, with silk thread and thin yarns, but added new sorts of material, like twigs, wax, copper tubes, nets, etc..


I am still preferring this technique. It is my 'own techniquw'.


I need structure, irregularity of the surface, shadows. Contrasts. Inspite of all differences  I try to  catch the sunlight.




-    series ‘tactile drawings’, series ‘net-work’, series ‘border lines’


    (‘Rand-linien’), series ‘voli me tangere’


-        work on paper with natural material, with copper wire, sheet, copper tubes and pipes, with handcrafted + painted paper stripes/reliefs